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Does EMC memories have priorities?

Question asked by Priyank Bhatt on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Priyank Bhatt

Hi everyone,

I recently came across a strange behavior. I have a custom board with LPC4088 interfacing to

  1. Nor-flash(SST39vf3201C) connected to CS3
  2. SRAM(CY62157EV30LL-45ZSXI) connected to CS1 &
  3. FPGA connected to CS0.

I use USB bootloader which is in internal flash & user application is stored in EMC Nor-flash. In normal condition user application works fine but when I use LCD it slows down too much. So I checked signals in oscilloscope & found out that SRAM is read too much, so flash does not get time to execute. In short SRAM making flash slow.

In ARM PrimeCell Multiport Memory Controller reference manual I read

The memory controller AHB memory ports are prioritized. If a master connected to a HIGH priority port performs continuous transactions, lower priority ports are not able to access the bus until the higher priority port has completed its transactions.

Lower priority AHB memory ports can be locked out indefinitely if a higher priority AHB memory port continually performs memory requests


When I replicate the same thing in evaluation board of LPC4088 with same Nor-flash connected to CS0 & SDRAM(instead of SRAM) connected to DYCS0, everything works properly.


Is there priorities between EMC memories?

Does it mean I have to swap CS lines of FPGA & Nor-flash in order to make things normal?


Any useful suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you.