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IMX8MQ EVK 4K 60fps decode not smooth

Question asked by Craig Janik on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Frank Ramirez Fuentes

4K 60fps mp4 decode on the i.MX 8M QUAD EVK is very choppy. Its clearly not decoding correctly. I would appreciate help getting this to decode smoothly.


System and media details are as follows:



setup is out of the box Android

decode executed with mp4 file located on both a USB drive and on the onboard media


Media Info shows following mp4 file spec:

format: AVC

profile: main@L5.2

bitrate: 37.3 Mb/s

height: 3840

width: 2160

framerate: 60.000 fps

color space: YUV

chroma subsampling: 4.2.0

bit depth: 8 bits