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Help: Whole PORTC reading problems,PTC3 and PTC9 fail.

Question asked by AITOR ARANZABAL on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by AITOR ARANZABAL


I am having some problems when I try to read the whole PORTC. I find that PTC3 and PTC9 fail. 

I am working with a TWR-K64 board with KDS V3.2.0 and Processor Expert. 

I configured the whole PORTC as input, with pull up resistor enabled in each of the pins. The TWR-K64 board is not connected to any other board, so ifI read the PORTC value, I should read '1' in each of the pins of PORTC. However, PTC3 and PTC9 are always '0'.


The following pictures shows how the PORTC_PCRn register is configured:



         Bit PE = 1, pull enabled. 

         Bit PS = 1, internal pull-up selected. 

         Bits MUX = 001, pin mux control at Alt1(GPIO).


The following image shows GPIOC_PDDR register, and confirms that all of the pins are configured as inputs. 

However, the same image shows that when GPIOC_PDIR register is readed, PTC3 an PTC9 are '0'.




Looking to the schematic of TWR-K64 I can not find any other connection of these two pins that would make to read them as '0', and neither in my code or Processor Expert configuration. 


What am I missing? Any help will be apreciated.