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Question asked by wei zheng on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Adam Pearce

 I am testing openavb stack with OM14510-SJA1105TJP, the OM14510-SJA1105TJP can not transfer the video/audio stream, is the reason that OM14510-SJA1105TJP with default configuration does not support AVB communication?

do I have to reconfigurate the OM14510-SJA1105TJP?


I checked the  in 3.2 Board setup of User Manual(AH1508),media-converter is descripted, 

what is the purpose of media-converter? which brand of media-converter can I use and that can make sure the reconfigurate is successful?


and How can I make the OM14510-SJA1105TJP  ransfer the video/audio stream?