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i.MX8M and LPDDR4 Power Management

Question asked by Tuan Mai Employee on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by gusarambula
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Customer (Netscout) is evaluating the i.MX8M power management and they want to know if we did full power management in our i.MX8M EVK with LPDDR4.  If yes they would like to see have the codes since they could not see in the current Android codes.


We want to verify if NXP  have done full low power tests with the imx8_evk board and if they have put LPDDR4 in power-down mode. So far we haven’t find any code that put LPDDR4 into power-down mode (Is LPDDR4 not requiring this?). The sleep.S assembly file has nothing to do with DDR, different from suspend-imx6.S for i.MX6: