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Ilegal opcode when runing code in RAM (MCF52233)

Discussion created by Ruben Valls on Dec 18, 2008
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Hi all.
After a few days searching on Internet, I have succesfully learned how to copy functions from ROM to RAM using the directive __declspec. It seems to do its work fine, since it defines a seccion of RAM to place the functions and copy them there.
The problem comes when I execute the functions. It starts fine, but after a while, executes opcodes that are invalid.
I don't know where is the problem, if in the .lcf or in the program. I show you the interesting part of both:
-The LCF:
    .text :    {        . = ALIGN(0x10);        mcf52235_vectors.s (.text)        *(.text)        *(.rodata)     . = ALIGN(0x10);        ___DATA_ROM     = .;    } > rom        .data_bss : AT(___DATA_ROM)    {        ___DATA_RAM     = .;        *(.data)        *(.sdata)                . = ALIGN (0x10);        *(.boot)        . = ALIGN (0x10);                ___DATA_END     = .;        .               = ALIGN(0x10);        ___BSS_START    = .;        *(.sbss)        *(SCOMMON)        *(.bss)        *(COMMON)        ___BSS_END      = .;                .               = ALIGN(0x10);        ___SP_END       = .;        .               = . + (0x800);        ___SP_INIT      = .;        .               = . + (4);        ___HEAP_START   = .;        ___HEAP_END     = ___SRAM + ___SRAM_SIZE;    } > ram

 The boot section is where I have all the functions I want to execute from RAM. I put it between __DATA_RAM and __DATA_END, so the function common_startup copies it from ROM to RAM for me.
-The Program Code:
#pragma define_section bootloader ".boot" far_code__declspec(bootloader) void flash_update_i2c(){ /*Some variable declarations*/        uint32 addr;        uint8 i;        /*Code*/
 addr=0; i=0;

 When It executes the line addr=0 (although it is not the first command it executes in RAM) it fails due to an illegal operator:
-Code mixed C and Assembler:
        ... addr=0;20000528: 00042D40        ori.b    #0x40,d42000052C: FEF8            dc.w     0xfef8                  ; Invalid opcode  i=0;2000052E: 7000            moveq    #0,d020000530: 2D40FEE8        move.l   d0,-280(a6)        ...

 There are some code lines that it executes fine (the lines before addr, i=0, etc) and there are others that it don't execute fine (addr=0, between others).
Why can it be? Bad allignment in the .LCF? It is alligned to 16, like in ROM...
I'm completely lost...
Thanks in advance,
Rubén Valls