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when boot T4240 SMP L3/CPC error occurs after enable L3

Question asked by Li Jun on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by alexander.yakovlev

When I boot T4240QDS for SMP mode, it sometimes(1/10) happen L3 error(CPC1_CPCERDET=0x60). my boot step is below:

1. core0 boot up successfully and L2/L3 both off

2. core0 configure spin table (cache inhibit ) and boot page

3. core0 reset secondary cores and secondary cores enter spin loop successfully

4. core0 enable L2/L3 with error check (CPCCSR0=0xc0000000, CPCERRINTEN=0)

5. core0 setup secondary cores spintable->addr

6. secondary cores exit spin loop and goto their spintable->addr, SMP successfully.


However, sometimes, some one of secondary cores will randomly fail by a machine check event. I attached with CodeWariorr could see that CPC1_CPCERDET=0x60 and the failed core happened machine check(MCSSR0=0x23e034, MCSRR1=0x30) 

If without CPC error check (CPCCSR0=0x80000000) at step 4 will not reproduce it

If enable CPC before reseting secondary cores, i.e. switch step 3 and 4, will not reproduce it

my question:

a. CPCERRINTEN=0, even happen CPC error, why it will cause machine check?

b.  I see in uboot core0 firstly enable L2/L3 then reset secondary core, Is this the only correct flow?