MC9S08QE8 16Pins consumption

Discussion created by David LECOMTE on Dec 18, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2008 by David Payne
I would like know the exact MCU's consumption. In fact, I load my program inside the MCU and i check the global application board consumption. (16mA @ 4MHz). After i force reset of MCU (to apply GND to reset Pin #1). But my consumption increase (35mA). I don't understand why? I think that the reset allow to "bypass consumption" of my MCU (because it don't run). A force reset manually could be provide a short circuit?
In other word, i have my global consumption @ 4MHz = 16mA. I bypass (due to reset) my MCU. I hope that my global consumption decrease (for example 13mA). So i can result my MCU consumption easily:
MCU consumption @ 4MHz = 16mA -13mA = 3mA. But my consumption increase when i put a GND to pin#1 of MCU 
May be, it is recommanded to do this to put MCU to stop mode?
What do you think about this?