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Unit testing with Unity in MCUXpresso

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2019 by Amit Rao

Is anyone using Unity or a similar framework for unit testing within MCUXpresso?


I realize there's no full-chip simulation available.  What I'm after at the moment is just the ability to test pure functions on the host system, probably under MinGW.  I've demonstrated that I can run Unity tests in MCUX in a project created to use the MinGW toolchain, and it looks like I can set up a build configuration in a Kinetis project to use MinGW, but I figure it might be asking for trouble to mix things like that if it's not something NXP is testing and the managed make system might be difficult to work with.


Worst case, I could just set up my unit tests entirely separate from the MCUX project and kick them off as an external tool.  I would prefer to be able to maintain my tests side by side with the actual code, switch back and forth between the two easily, and run the tests and see results easily.  There are some Eclipse plugins that might work for some of that.


Maybe someone at NXP could explain how the managed make system works?  That might make it easier to figure out how to get it to play nice with a unit test framework.