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IRC48m support seems to be missing in MK22FX512AVLL SDK 1.3

Question asked by Dave Starkey on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by Dave Starkey

I have been using K22F processors for some time. Recently I needed 5 UARTS so I stepped up to the K22FX512A processor. Although the EmbSysRegisters show the IRC48m control registers (CLK_CLK_RECOVER_CTRL and CLK_CLK_RECOVER_IRC_EN) they are missing in the MK22FA12.h in the SDK1.30. The registers are in MK22F12.h in the SDK1.30.  Does anybody know why they are missing in the SDK?

Also The SDK1.30 Processor Expert does not show the IRC 48 in the Clock management/Clock setting/Clock configurations/MCG settings/MCG mode PEE/MCG external ref. clock source dialog box.