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TDA8932 Errata?

Question asked by John Weiss on Nov 16, 2018

The datasheet says overvoltage and shortcircuit protection will cause the amp the shut-off. i'm getting dropouts with a supply V very close to the absolute max V, on audio peaks, so overvoltage seems the likely culprit.


The datasheet mentions that the TDA8932 can cause the power-supply V to go up.

"in a SE configuration... when the power supply cannot sink energy, the voltage across the output capacitors of that power supply will increase. this malfunction can be caused by triggering of the undervoltage or overvoltage protection of the amplifier."

Sounds like it means: the battery supplying the SMPS  cannot deliver the current demanded by the load (TDA8932), and that causes the SMPS out V to go up. Correct? Makes sense.


Confusing: it say's the V increase on the output of the SMPS can be caused BY overvoltage protection. I don't get that. The reverse seems more logical: that a too-high V on the output of the SMPS would trigger the over-v protection on the amp. Errata?


Datasheet says this happens in SE mode, but i'm in BTL mode. i'm guessing it's basically the same thing. Strange the datasheet doesn't mention this issue for BTL. Another errata?