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How to write BootLoader on Mbed LPC1768

Question asked by Jun Zhe Yang on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Alice_Yang

Hi :


I am currently practicing a topic to update firmware via UART, and I chose the Mbed LPC1768 to implement it. I expected to write a BootLoader program and a program that simply controls the LED light. My thoughts are as follows:


  1. At boot time, the BootLoader will first check the Flash for a specific location (update firmware Flag). If it is not updated, it will execute the control LED1 flashing program, and at the same time receive the UART to check if there is any firmware to be updated. If so, set up the update firmware Flag, then reboot.


  1. BootLoader checks the Flash for a specific location (update firmware Flag), if it needs to be updated, download the new control LED light program through the UART, clear the Flag after completion, and restart the new control LED2 flashing program.


My question is: After I put my BootLoader program on the Mbed LPC1768 via USB, how do I write the LED1 flashing program in to flash? And how do I make the BootLoader program jump to execute the LED1 flashing program?


Thank you.