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antenna design for sl3s1013ftb0.115

Question asked by Braden Fessler on Nov 16, 2018
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For the NXP RFID chip sl3s1013ftb0.115, we think a largish, simple printed 1/4 wave dipole antenna, may give us better performance in the environment we use in our petroleum spill buckets, compared to the smaller coiled printed circuit antenna found in out existing smaller tags.  In the application, we have a plastic collar around the gasoline filling pipe  under the steel caps in the pavement at filling stations.  Our system identifies the type of gasoline, via the tag, to prevent mis-fills.  We thought an antenna geometry that maximized the antenna size to the 1/2 wavelength (about 6 " for 900 MHz), so that it can wrap at least half way around the pipe, would give it a better probability of capturing a mode, when the reader is placed on top of the bucket.  We are having trouble with existing 'tags' in this application, that seem to encounter deep fades in the multipath environment down in the spill bucket.  We have the luxury of some space, and wondered if a maximized antenna design is fairly straight forward.


What is the complex impedance of the antenna ports of the sl3s1013ftb0.115, such that a straight or slightly curved copper stripline extending out from both ends of the chip can be sized for max resonance etc?


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