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Problems Using SDIF on my Own Board LPC54018

Question asked by Oscar Niño on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Oscar Niño

Hi I'm using LPC54018 MCU in my own board, I have configured respective pins from SDK to the LPCXpresso54018 board to myb own board with the same configuration the only change is: I'm using 208 package insted of 180 package. 

There are some curiose things:

When I try with 32GB microSD card in Create directory step, result is: fail.

Debugging here is the problem


if (fs->fs_type != 0) {    /* If the volume has been mounted */
  stat = disk_status(fs->pdrv);
  if (!(stat & STA_NOINIT)) {  /* and the physical drive is kept initialized */
   if (!FF_FS_READONLY && mode && (stat & STA_PROTECT)) { /* Check write protection if needed */
   return FR_OK;    /* The filesystem object is valid */
 /* The filesystem object is not valid. */
 /* Following code attempts to mount the volume. (analyze BPB and initialize the filesystem object) */
 fs->fs_type = 0;     /* Clear the filesystem object */
 fs->pdrv = LD2PD(vol);    /* Bind the logical drive and a physical drive */
 stat = disk_initialize(fs->pdrv); /* Initialize the physical drive */
 if (stat & STA_NOINIT) {    /* Check if the initialization succeeded */
  return FR_NOT_READY;   /* Failed to initialize due to no medium or hard error */
Make file system step is performed.
any suggestions
beast regards