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KW24D OTA Bootloader jumps to application but application never starts

Question asked by TOUSSAINT Mickael on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



I am working with KW24D512 on IAR and I am trying to add ota functionality to my application.

Based on "Connectivity Framework RM rev2" , MKW2xD_Connectivity_Software_1.0.2 and the OtaSupport functions, my own application can load, from a .srec file, a new application image into a AT45DB161E external Eeprom according to the format :

[Image_Size (@0x00 - 4bytes)] / [Bitmap (@0x04 - 32 byte)] / [Application_Image (@0x24 - x byte)].

(gEepromType_d == gEepromDevice_AT45DB161E_c)


First, in order to test the OTA bootloader I write the bootloader binary to the board.

The Bootloader checks the flags at the internal flash address @0x4400, gets back the image, the size and bitmap and finally copies the image from the external eeprom to the internal flash at the address @0x4000.

At the end Flags are updated to complete and bootloader tries to jump to the application (@0x4000) but something wrong must happen because bootloader is restarted again and again.

In order to see the program sequence, I added a TRACE function via a second UART to the bootloader and my own application both.

My application never starts


I suppose the problem is due to the icf file of my own application.

So my questions are

 - How to modify a .icf file to write an application binary just after the bootloader sectors

 - Using IAR, How to merge an user application and bootloader in a single file which can be downloaded into the microcontroller at once and reduce manufacturing time.