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Bring up issue on i.MX6solo based custom hardware.

Question asked by Shabeer Badarudheen on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Shabeer Badarudheen

Hi All,
Our  custom "u-boot.imx" is not booting at all if we use mfg tool for loading images. But the corresponding "uboot" elf file booting successfully if it loads to DDR using lauterbach.


Also there is a strange behavior while run the DDR calibration utility.
If we run the calibration tool , it gives some success messages and shows the calibrated values. But if we run the test by put the HID jumpers( the jumpers put on boot mode gpio pins on our hardware for setting HID mode manually), calibration utility getting hanged.

The similler behavior is getting while run the mfgtool also.
That is without HID jumper if we run mfgtool, pop up windows shows the messages for loding u-boot, kernel,dtb etc. then "Jumping to OS" message and no more message after that and also no logs on the serial terminal.
But if we run mfgtool with HID jumper, just u-boot loading pop up message is shown then there is no more messages.

Please let us know any suggestion for resolve the issue. 

Our system details:
SOC: i.MX6Solo
U-boot - 2015.04
Kernel - 4.1.15


Thanks in Advance,