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Baremetal multicore execution on T2080 (e6500)

Question asked by Roberto Santalla on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Roberto Santalla

Hey everyone,

We have are facing some problems trying to achieve multicore execution on baremetal T2080. We are able to do this through the CodeWarrior TAP, but we need a way of doing it programmatically (from the first core) to implement some kind of task scheduling.

I have found some references on E6500RM and T2080RM to a unit called MPIC (Multicore programmable interrupt controller) which should be able to signal other cores to wake them up from the sleep state. Some peeking into the linux kernel also showed up that this is the way of proceeding. However, the unit itself seems very complex to set up, and we could really appreciate some hints or guidelines on how to achieve a basic "Tell Core n to start executing code on address X".