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Freescale MKM34Z256VLQ7 Software support SDADC (Application CT )

Question asked by Ravindra Balsaraf on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2018 by Hui_Ma

Hello sir ,


In DRM162  for  phase current signal conditioning circuit  design for current transformers based application( page no 14 & 15) ,There is no reference design for Shunt type current signal conditioning . So for shunt type design we refer DRM 122 (page no 60).



For software side we are getting SADC count as I share with you on last Mail.But SADC count has not repeating Pattern observer with count.

and I also applied some formula and also try to get the pick value of SADC count but the variation has no effect by such .


In DRM162  given the reference of  file mk34z256_3ph.c and metering library, Filter-based metering algorithm library.

We found  mk34z256_3ph.c file but that is not compatible with MCUExpresso IDE ( I attach you on last day mail ).

If  metering library, Filter-based metering algorithm library as such available it help us for process further .


In DRM 162 filter-based metering algorithm configuration tool is shown (page no 25) ,This tool generate code it self for such calculation .

We use this to generate code  but that is not compatible with MCUExpresso IDE.

Please share if there any Procedure to use this configuration tool with MCUEXPRESSO IDE for current signal conditioning.

Please share If there any compatible metering library .

Please share if any further changes in Hardware design or in Software .


We are on the last step of development so we not able to Shift to on other software platform due to time limit .