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pcf85263A fails to upgrade time

Question asked by kumar narendra singh on Nov 16, 2018
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We have developed timer based lubrication system for which we have used PCF85263A RTC chipset.  I am facing one issue that RTC timer normally updates correctly but when time reaches 19:59:00(24hour mode), the next minute, time resets to 00:00:00 instead of 20:00.

if i set time 00:00:00 to 19:59:00, it sets time correctly and RTC updates time correctly up to 19:59:59 but next second, it resets to 00:00:00.

If i set time as 21:00:00, it sets time as 1:00:00, when i set time as 22:00:00, it sets time as 02:00:00, when i set time as 23:00:00 then it sets time as 03:00:00. So my RTC time is not updating more than 20hours.

Can anyone please help me what might be problem? what are registers to be set etc. I need to set 24hour format