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LPC 1857 with SPIFI MX25L25635F

Question asked by Mathias Monse on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Mathias Monse

For our product we would like to use the SPIFI flash memory Macronix MX25L25635F in our design as second source.

The manual UM10430 reads on page 49 "A reset delay is needed on the LPC18xx to allow this memory time to come up before booting."

How can I maintain such a reset delay by software?


The implemented bootloader and application are using NXP's SPIFI rom api which sufficiently works with SPANSION type flash S25FL2566S.

During my investigations I experienced the following behaviour:

- loading bootloader and application binaries into flash with LPCScrypt v2.0 does work

- starting the application afterwards fails with spifi_init()

- resetting the target with the debugger will start the application

- after such a debugger reset every successive reboot starts the application again without delay or spifi_init failure even after power down

Does somebody have experiences with a similar setup and behaviour?