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Recovering bricked FRWY-LS1012A

Question asked by Zhenchuan Chai on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Zhenchuan Chai

I recently purchased an FRWY-LS1012A, and connected it with a MAC only through USB debug/UART port. It works for a couple of times, I can see MBED pop up as a storage, and can connect through serial. However, I bricked it after I did reset a couple of times. Now even if I hold reset and connect, nothing will show up.


After I tried a couple of times, I found only if I connect both usb ports (USB3.0 and USB debug/UART port) the board can show up as a bootloader folder (with reset pressed), so I can copy the bootloader firmware into it. But the still the board can't boot up successfully, the green led keep blinking but no device being recognized by MAC OS or windows.


What can I do then?



BTW, why doesn't NXP ship the board with a working firmware?