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I can not get the .elf file after i built the simulation

Question asked by 孜文 张 on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

I use matlab R2017b,

and I use the toolbox about MCD_MC9S12ZVM.

When I build the simuliation,I can get the reoprt,but no .elf file in the document."**_mcd_rtw",

so  i see the Diagnostic Viewer,there some errors in that. for example:

=#include "xil_interface_lib.h" >the file 'xil_interface_lib.h' cannot be opened CW MCU v10.7/MCU/S12lisa_Tools/Build_Tools/mwccs12lisa|Compiler|Error (G:\company\zzw\mission\second\my\mySIL_mcd_rtw\rtiostream_utils.c|267|4|28|7580|28) = XIL_INTERFACE_LIB_ERROR_CODE errorCode = XIL_INTERFACE_LIB_SUCCESS; >undefined identifier 'XIL_INTERFACE_LIB_ERROR_CODE' CW MCU v10.7/MCU/S12lisa_Tools/Build_Tools/mwccs12lisa|Compiler|Error (G:\company\zzw\mission\second\my\mySIL_mcd_rtw\rtiostream_utils.c|275|4|9|7818|9) = errorCode = xilInit(argc, argv); >undefined identifier 'errorCode'

But   they are codes generated  automatically,are not they?am I going to correct them in the code file?or they are still some thing wrong with my simulink model?

Thanks for your help!