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Using the EEprom with codewarrior

Discussion created by Richard Hawthorn on Dec 17, 2008
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I'm using codewarrior to program my HC908AB32 processor, but with only partial success.

I can use the emulator to read and write to the processors eeprom, but when I'm running the program form the actual chip it doesn't seem to write to the eeprom.

It reads ok, but I'm I'm reading is the 0xFF's that are default in the eeprom.

I'm using the processor expert to generate the code, which is as follows:

  word address001;
  byte data;
  char tim=0;
   EENVR &= 0xF0;
   address001 = 0x0800;
   while (tim < 12){
      data = progmodemenu[tim];
      data = (progmodemenu[tim]>>8);

Do I need to do anything else to set the processor up for programming?

Thanks for the help

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