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Little doubt on ZigBee non beaconed network addressing

Question asked by Alejandro Bermudez on Dec 17, 2008
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First, what I'm working with:

- IDE 5.9.0 and CW for MCU version 6.1.
- BeeKit 1.9.2 with HCS08 MAC CodeBase 1.0.4
- 3 Panasonic PAN802154HAR modules (almost SARDs). One as coordinator and two as end devices.
- 2 MC9S08QG8 which act as the robot's brain, handling the recieved packages through the end devices.
- MyWirelessApp Demo Non Beacon (Coordinator & End Device) with minor modifications.
- And just for test purposes, RS232 to Hyperterminal kind of interface.

Second, the doubt: As I mentioned, I'm using a coordinator and two end devices. MyWirelessApp for End Devices gives some useful data when the end device finds a coordinator. Here is a quick shot:

MyWirelessApp Demo Non Beacon End Device application is initialized and ready.
Start scanning for a PAN coordinatorSending the MLME-Scan Request message to the MAC...DoneFound a coordinator with the following properties:----------------------------------------------------Address...........0xCAFEPAN ID............0xBEEFLogical Channel...0x12Beacon Spec.......0xCFFFLink Quality......0xD3Associating to PAN coordinator on channel 0x12Sending the MLME-Associate Request message to the MAC...DoneSuccessfully associated with the coordinator.We were assigned the short address 0x0001
What I noted is that it's short address (0x0001) doesn't change, even if there is a first end device already associated with the coordinator and what I wanted to do, was to take that address and to use it as header for the outgoing packages. Of course, it would be pointless if the address as well doesn't change.

What should I do in order to make it change? Did I forget something?

Thanks for the help.

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