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fsl_ftm.c/h missing in SDK Builder

Question asked by Hector Fernandez on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Felipe García

I am using the MCUXpresso SDK Builder to dowload all the libraries for MKE04Z128VLD4 microcontroller.

I have dowloaded the generated ZIP file with all the libs and files.The name of this packet is SDK_2.4.1_MKE04Z128xxx4.

It is supposed I should find the file "fsl_ftm.c" inside the folder "SDK_2.4.1_MKE04Z128xxx4\devices\MKE04Z1284\drivers", but it is missing.

However, I tried the same with the MKE04Z8xxx4 (same microcontroller with different memory size) and after dowloading the ZIP file, the file "fsl_ftm.c" is there.

So, I think SDK Builder has some kind of error when it is generating the SDK archive for the device MKE04Z128VLD4.


I am going to use the "fsl_ftm.c" I got from MKE04Z8xxx4  SDK archive, because I guess it is going to work correctly. But I would like SDK Builder provide me the correct file without being forced to do this "tricks".