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UART smart card mode

Question asked by Anton Rudomanenko on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hello! I'm try to implement connection between LPC11u12 and smart card via UART. To provide the right clock to the smart card I should to fill UART DLL and DLM registers this way:

uint32_t divider = ((( sys_clk / ((scale) / 2) ) / baudrate) + 1) >> 1;

LPC_USART->DLM = (divider >> 8) & 0xff;     
LPC_USART->DLL = divider & 0xff;

It is work correctly. But (scale/2)/baudrate it is a card clock and initialy equal to 3.57MHz. When I change this equation to value in Hz, it doesnt work. It is stgange, bacause value of divider with equation and value are absolutely the same! Where is a mistake??

P.S. I saw the LPC example