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FRDM-K66F - VREG_IN Connections

Question asked by Alexandru Stefan on Nov 13, 2018
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We've been battling with issues regarding the HW connectivity for our K66-based boards for a few days now. While most (if not all) technical documents from NXP mention the need to have at least one of the VREG_IN pins connected to 5V, the FRDM-K66F board seemed to do without this. Notice the J16 having the DNP notation and searching fro VREGIN_K66 in the schematic returns nothing else besides this. However, I measured both sides of J16 and they both have 5V, so it seems the schematic is wrong. 

More importantly, what should the USB connections be, for a device that's going to be self-powered and never act as a host? (We're using USB1 High Speed).