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Failure to ping from SDK

Question asked by Norman Lo on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Norman Lo



We have a mx6sdl microsom rev a board and trying to write bare metal code to ping using the AR8035 with the platform SDK code.


We are able to ping from uboot after "udcp".


However, we are not able to achieve this with platform SDK.


When calling imx_enet_get_phy_status, we were able to get the status and it says ethernet is connected:


enet phy status 0: 796d
AR8031 reg 0x11 = bc1c
ENET 0: [ FULL_DUPLEX ] [ connected ] [ 1000M bps ]:
Ethernet link is up!



Following the ping app, it'll eventually call the function: imx_enet_send. It did not give us any errors. However, looking at wireshark log, it does not look like any message is actually being sent out.



Anyone can help us with this issue please ? thank you very much.