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S32v234 Stereo camera demos problem

Question asked by Giulio Scalia on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Kushal Shah



We built a linux BSP (v18.0) using yocto, along with the meta-adas layer, but we are having problem running the provided demos.

Our system is a s32v234 sbc, using 2 Sony imx224 cameras.


In particular we are having problem with the demos isp_stereo_calib and isp_stereo_apexbm, here it is what happens:

isp_stereo_calib screenshot


isp_stereo_apexbm screenshot


We are sure that the cameras are both individually working (we tried switching them in both bus) and, moreover, we successfully ran the isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu_cam_switch.


Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone know what could cause this behaviour?


We tried also to investigate the provided isp graph to find it out, but without documentation we were not able to make it work. Is it possible to have such documentation?


Thanks in advance.