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I2S configurations are not reflecting in kernel

Question asked by Rohit maniwal on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Rohit maniwal

I am working on custom-board imx6q sabre and at one point i am not getting understand is that i have make changes in dtsi file where i have write I2S as Master in SSI and bitbake my custom configuration settings and i can read the dtb file by using fdtdump command and i see the change in the file as per the changes i made but when i tried to see the changes of SSI by using memtool (e.g memtool -32 0x02028010 ), it is showing the value=000000000, i am not able to see the changes as per my configuration i should get 00000020(SSI I2S Master-mode e.g. register SSI_SCR[6:5] = 01)
Please let me know if i have do some more changes.