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S32K1xx Safety Manual clarification

Question asked by Lorenzo Daniele Employee on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Atzel Alejandro Collazo Zepeda



on SM ( rev.4 )  section, page 39 we have :
Recommendation: […] It is recommend to always generate a reset in case of loss of clock or clock out of range condition. For the out of range clock condition, the reset event shall be generate inside the interrupt condition.


on RM ( rev.9 ) section 30.1, in note at page 666 we have :


It is recommended to reset system through software for a clock out of range event rather than using an interrupt.



My question :  the sentence "rather than using an interrupt" of the RM is  to be interpreted  that the device has to be reset and the event should not be handled with just an interrupt , OR  that the software reset should not be done inside an ISR ? ( in this case a discrepancy between RM and SM would exist ).