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Question asked by Malcolm Mackay on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Jonathan Iglesias

One feature I am missing from the retired NT3H1201 is the contiguous user memory area. A problem I have with the NT3H2211 is that there is a break in the user memory area from the NFC perspective. There are configuration bytes between sector 0 and sector 1 and (for example) Sector 0 0xEA returns No ACK. I believe this means I cannot write a single text NDEF record that fills the full 1912 bytes of user memory. I'd have to split into 2 NDEF records and this is not an option for my application.


Are there any NT3H parts that are being manufactured that address this issue? It gave me some hope to see a NT3H2211W0FHK-2K listed as a separate product from the NT3H2211_2111. However it does not appear to have its own datasheet and whilst the description states that it is a derivative of the NT3H2211 I am not clear what makes it different.