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GPT Timer

Question asked by Evgeny Erenburg on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Evgeny Erenburg

I work with IMX6DQ. I want GPT timer to tick every 1ms in the Free-Run  mode.

So as I see in clock source

Clock Source select.
000 No clock
001 Peripheral Clock (ipg_clk)
010 High Frequency Reference Clock (ipg_clk_highfreq)
011 External Clock
100 Low Frequency Reference Clock (ipg_clk_32k)
101 Crystal oscillator divided by 8 as Reference Clock (ipg_clk_24M)
111 Crystal oscillator as Reference Clock (ipg_clk_24M)
others Reserved

As I understand only Peripheral Clock is available for me. I see that Peripheral Clock = 528000000. So in order to get 1ms tick I need a divider 528000.

But with all available prescalers

PRESCALER Prescaler bits.
0x000 Divide by 1
0x001 Divide by 2
... ...
0xFFF Divide by 4096

I can not get such a divider.


What should I do?