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freeRTOS UART driver unreliable,  Framing Errors occur

Question asked by on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Daniel Chen

Hi All,

I started to work with the the freeRTOS UART example from the the SDK (sdk/boards/twrk64f120m/rtos_examples/freertos_uart). Unfortunately it does not really work. I use the settings as explained in the readme:

    - 115200 baud rate
    - 8 data bits
    - No parity
    - One stop bit
    - No flow control

It works somehow in the case if you give exactly 4 characters. But if you send 4 characters step by step it doesn't work. It completely stops working at all. I read here in the forum that this is a known isssue/limitation. But even if I change the code to only wait for on character it does not work reliable.

Through debugging  I found out that the UART_RTOS_Callback()  of fsl_uart_freertos.c will be called with status = kStatus_UART_FramingError. You can reproduce it on your side easily by adding a : else if (status == kStatus_UART_FramingError).