Franz Werner

MC1322x Beestack: Problem with ZCL_ConfigureReportingReq

Discussion created by Franz Werner on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2008 by Franz Werner

I am using BeeKit 1.9.2.
I tried to enhance the HA Temp Sensor Template by adding a second device instance and a Occupancy Sensing Endpoint (I implemented the missing occupancy cluster by myself)

I did configure reporting for all of my Sensors/Endpoints but only the original temperature endpoint actually sends a message after I call ZCL_SetAttribute.

I tracked down the problem to lie within the method ZCL_IsReportingAndChanged()
The check
if(!BeeUtilGetIndexedBit(pDeviceDef->pData, reportIndex))
fails in case of my configured endpoints but not in case of the template temperature endpoint.

I also found out that i can activate reporting for my other endpoints by setting their reportMask to 0x01 by default.

Since this is probably not the correct solution: What could I have done wrong when configuring the reporting of the endpoints?

In ZCL_ConfigureReportingReq there is a line, which I do not understand:
req.aCmdFrame[0].aReportableChange[0]= 0x03;
What does it mean?