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MPC5748G startup code not jumping to main function for flexCAN

Question asked by Babu Dudekula on Nov 8, 2018

Hi All,

I'm new and currently using the MPC5748G-LCEVB with MULTI(GHS compiler) and Trace32 debugger.

I have started testing the FlexCAN code available in NXP community ( file).


Here i'm facing the problem that my startup code is not jumping the control to main function.

I'm using the project "flexcan_flash.gpj"

Please help me to resolve below points.

1. what chnages required to use the example code for FlexCAN?

2. If i want to create a new project are there any changes required for scripts/library files?

3. What is the difference between "flexcan_flash.gpj" and "flexcan_ram.gpj" ?

    Here which type of target code (flash or ram) is better to use?


Please find the startup code and example code in the attachment.

Thanks in advance.