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Question asked by Radek Pivokonsky on Nov 7, 2018
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I've started to setup the PWM outputs over FTM timers. When I try to set the PWM output with the PWM frequnecy in the range of approx. 80 - 250 Hz, the PWM period is not consistent. It genererates additional pulse among the rest of expected PWM pulses - see attached file. For the project SDK drivers are used (for PWM the FTM_PWM driver is used).

I attached two files, first is the pwm setting file generated by Proc. Expert and second one shows the PWM curve on the osciloscopue.

Please can you explain me what is wrong. If I change PWM period (also PWM prescaler must be changed) e.g. to 1ms, 500us... the period is really precisely set.

Thank you.