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Give an adress mc13213

Discussion created by MARTEL Nicolas on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2008 by Mads Westergreen
I try to communicate between 1 ncb(coordinator) and 1 srb(router). I want to use direct adress (16bits) for that.
I define that in beekit :
#define for property: mDefaultNwkShortAddress_c  => 0x1111 for the ncb.
and that
#define for property: mDefaultNwkShortAddress_c  =>0x2222 for the srb.
I write that in codewarrior (ncb):
adress[0] = 0x22;
adress[1] = 0x22;
 /* set up address information */
 addrInfo.dstAddrMode = gZbAddrMode16Bit_c;
  Copy2Bytes(addrInfo.dstAddr.aNwkAddr, adress);
  addrInfo.dstEndPoint = 0x02;
  addrInfo.srcEndPoint = 0x02;
  addrInfo.txOptions = gApsTxOptionNone_c;
  addrInfo.radiusCounter = afDefaultRadius_c;
  /* set up cluster */
  Copy2Bytes(addrInfo.aClusterId, appDataCluster);
Why It don't work, I don't receive data in the srb.
Do you help me please?