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Correct motor control libraries for Matlab Simulink model

Question asked by Sagar Dhavali on Nov 7, 2018
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We are using "MPC574xP_AMMCLIB_v1.1.5" (motor control library) in our motor control application. We made a decision to move to Matlab modelling and we intend to use the same motor control library models in our project. But I don't seem to find the right library from the set of library (v1.1.5) that we are using.


For example: In our C code, we use GFLIB_AtanYX_FLT function but I don't see the library model with the same name. Similarly, I don't see the correct model for GMCLIB_SvmStd_FLT function as well.


I am looking for these libraries in "...\nxp\bam\GFLIB\bam_flt" and "...\nxp\bam\GMCLIB\bam_flt". 
Can anyone please point me to the right matlab models please? 


Following is what I have in those paths related to GFLIB_AtabYX and GMCLIB_SvmStd.



Thanks in advance.