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USB HID Gereric buffer issue

Question asked by Vincent Hu on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Hui_Ma

Hi Sir,


When I was evaluating the LPC54628 development board ,  I met an issue .


Example : SDK\LPC54628J512\boards\lpcxpresso54628\usb_examples\usb_device_hid_generic

Evaluation Board : LPCXpresso54628

NXP Original Example :  USB HID receive data , then send data directly.    

Default USB package length = 8 bytes

This example could run well and PC send bytes(less than 8 bytes) to USB HID, then USB HID reply these bytes to PC directly.



I tried to modify data length large than 8 (e.g. 64), but set point at USB_Devicehid irq, see g_UsbDeviceHidGeneric.buffer[ ] size still is 8 bytes. 

I believe it should be modified other code, hope your suggestion ASAP.

BTW :  I think that user should not modify other layer code except some Marco Definition and user self-definition command while USB recognize. 





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