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P4080 second ethernet not working when unplug first cable!

Question asked by ali başpınar on Nov 7, 2018

Hi, i am using power pc and i have akward problem:

when i choose FM1@DTSEC2 from u-boot as active,  i am pinging with no problem, prints using FM1@DTSEC2  and says alive.

when i set  "setenv acteth FM1@DTSEC1"  i connect both ethernet cable second ethernet become alive. i am observing with leds blinking and data transfer ok with 2.1 Mib/s speed. and prints as using FM1@DTSEC1

but when i remove other cable prints using FM1@DTSEC2 and fails.  

there is no connection between two PHY ICs and only difference is there is ethernet switch on FM1@DTSEC1 line.

PHY ic is KSZ9031.

what can be  problem?  is there anyway force to use FM1@DTSEC1.