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i.MX RT1050 eFlexPWM NanoEdge Block?

Question asked by socalsparky on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Mario Centeno

Hello NXP folks!


In the i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual there's a discussion in section of eFlexPWM module about "Fractional Delay Logic" to achieve 1/32 IPBus clock granularity (that is, higher resolution than single IPBus clock period) for PWM signals.



I'm puzzled at the section I've highlighted.  I can't find anything that clarifies which PWM submodule(s) have an analog NanoEdge placer block available.


I understand there's 4 eFlexPWM modules, each of which have 4 sub-modules.  Presumably all submodules of all eFlexPWM modules support the NanoEdge fractional delay logic?  Can anyone clarify?


Thank you!