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Some problems getting started

Question asked by Alejandro Marin on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by soledad


In my company was working some employee who destroyed the LPCXpresso824 max board that I'm using now and of course, its giving me some headaches.

To begin, I tried to build and load the blink example but didn't work. Then I realize that I probably should reflash the firmware by updating a new binary file... okey, tried an didn't work. I pressed the reset button while pluggin in the usb connector but nothing happens and my devide manager doesn't detect anything, is this right? Shouldn't the device manager show a new device called CRP DISABLD as the guide says?

To make it easier, it's my very first time programming MCU, not counting Arduino. So i'm too lost to start without any help.

Could you help me?