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mqx vybrid qspi driver

Question asked by Ken Green on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by Ken Green

I am using the MQX V4.2 for the A5 core and having issues. My goal is to be able to boot the A5 core from the QSPI flash. The issue is I cannot read/write the flash device successfully. I'm using an Emcraft SOM which uses the Spansion S25FL512SDSBHV210 which is a close relative to the S25FL128 chip used on the tower board. I used the driver unmodified and also modified to do 32-bit addressing. Both drivers fail the same way. I start programming at the beginning of a sector, and they fail starting at offset 0x4C0. I've both a full read of the data programmed (~160KB), and just starting at offset 0x480 of the sector for 100 bytes - the data is incorrect. I know the flash can be programmed correctly because I can program and verify it with my Segger J Link which works independent of any code.


I'm sure most systems usually boot up using QSPI flash so I'm sure it somehow works. Any ideas?#mqx 4.2