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LPC546xx ADC burst mode

Question asked by Karim BOALLAL on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I'm using an LPC54606 and I would like to use a channel (n°3) of the ADC to generate an interrupt when it is under a threshold. I need that the ADC is "continuously and automaticaly" on working so it seem that this correspond to the "burst mode".

So I'm trying to do that but without success, I have configured the "THR0_LOW" register with the threshold. I have configured "THR0_HIGH" with the maximum value. I have configured "INTEN" register with '0b01' in ADCMPINTEN3 to generate an interruption when the level is outside threshold.


Finaly I have configured the "SEQA_CTRL" register with just the cahnnel 3 enabled, writed a '1' in burst bit (b27), a '1' in mode bit (b30) and a '1' in SEQA_ENA.


After that I have enabled in the NVIC_IRQ the "ADC0_THCMP_IRQn". And an interruption is immediatly generated even thougth the "FLAGS" register is '0' and the "DAT[3]" is upper the threshold.

What is wrong in my configuration?


I feel that after that the ADC is not on working even though the burst bit is '1'.


Someone can help me please?