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Change EEPROM user_ee.bin for PN7462

Question asked by Nik Biniossek on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by IvanRuiz

Hi all,

I currently try to update the EEPROM memory according to our needed AGC and Gain values. Unfortunately, I’m only able to update the values in the NXP NFC Cockpit software whenever I use the default software for the PNEV7462. Therefore, I modified the basic EEPROM.bin file according to my needs and saved it. After that I flash both parts the modified EEPROM.bin file and our normal software at our product. Unfortunately, the software crashed every time according to the different EEPROM firmware numbers and because phCfg_EE.c and phCfg_EE.h was not updated.


I already read the „EEPROM Management of PN746X and PN736X“ (UM10948)  but I’m not able to change the parameters in the configuration xml files according to our needs (like with the NFC Cockpit). Is there any kind of description how to change the xml configuration files to change the AGC and gain parameters? Otherwise you please provide a simple example how to do it.

Many thanks in advance! I’m looking forward to your answer.