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Need support in identifying an issue with ethernet driver in imx6ul

Question asked by Karthik Rajan N on Nov 5, 2018

We are using imx6ul for our project in that we have developed our own Ethernet driver, were we are now facing an issue which is, initial few ethernet frames (ARP) are not seen in Ethernet bus. I mean we use wireshark for tracing and we don't see the Ethernet frames (ARP) in it. Later after few retries the Ethernet frames (ARP) appears. In our code we use READY bit in TxBD to ensure transmission is successful or not and we always get it cleared after transmission but still no frames appear in wire shark later after ten retry it appears.

I'm finding it difficult to know what could be the cause. 


I was recommended by Mr igorpadykov to refer fec_main.c file and the linux reference manual. As the sample is developed for linux I find it difficult to follow. Can any one suggest other reference which are developed for embedded application? If not, reference for sample code for similar processors.


I found sample Ethernet code MPC577x will it be similar?


Please provide your valuable support as I need to identify the above mentioned issue and fix it at the earliest.