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i.MX6Q Android 6.0.1 HDMI re-plug issue

Question asked by m.c on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

Customer found i.MX6Q Android 6.0.1 screen will became weird (HDMI-display-weird.jpg) and console show error message (HDMI-error-console.jpg) after plugin/out HDMI cable several times. However, this issue isn't easy to duplicate manually . So customer use another way to duplicate with below command (HDMI-error-console.jpg). Then screen will became weird and show error message same as plugin/out HDMI cable serveral times manually. If change mode back, the screen will became normal (HDMI-display-re-change.jpg), but with flick and mouse cursor lag, and error message (imx6.gralloc: FBIOPAN_DISPLAY failed: Invalid argument) still keep print.


Hardware: MCIMX6Q-SDP

Software: Android 6.0.1


cd /sys/class/graphics/fb0

echo "V:640x480p-60" > mode

logcat -c



imx6.gralloc: FBIOPAN_DISPLAY failed: Invalid argument