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QY4CP programming

Discussion created by Mauricio Urquiola Employee on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2008 by Eckhard Gosch
I am having problems doing a selective programming of the flash while using CW tools (6.2). I want to avoid programming interrupt vectors at the end of flash since I am using the internal clock  with the 'force monitor' configuration.   This mode requires to have the $FFFE and $FFFF blank (or FF) to enter the mode. 
Under Full Chip Simulation I can see that the these address will get programmed.  Additionally, already wasted a few 908QY4s trying to program per CW with mass erase. Also I am aware of erasing internal clock trimming address, which it is also another thing that I want to avoid.  
By the way, once I am done with mass erase, programming and reset, CW cannot not access the controller anymore.
I looked endlessly for some sort of option within CW that allows me not to program this addresses or avoid completely programming the vector but, nothing can do it. Same with posible threads.   
Does anybody have a suggestion or code?