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Ti DS90UB947/948 Linux Driver for I.MX6

Discussion created by Zhongmao Liu on Nov 3, 2018
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Imx6 can output lvds direct.But the lvds-wire is too  expensive to buy. So they can cannect ds90ub947 serializer to applied in automotive instrumentation. By the way, it need a ds90ub948 deserializer in the remote which cannect a lvds displayer.

The attachment is the driver of ds90ub947/948 for linux.It can  support linux 3.10 and above.It was verified working on linux 3.10.53 and imx6q.

The attachment list:




You can follow the readme to use it.

This driver was barely in embryo.You should modify it according to your application.

Sometime, it very looks like the ds90ub913/914 and max9286/96705.